Accounts Payable Approval Settings
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Accounts Payable Approval Settings

  1. To access the Accounts Payable Approval Settings, click the ‘Settings’ option from the left-hand menu in the 'Accounts Payable' module.
    Step1 Access the AP Settings
  2. Select 'Approval Rules' to open the Approval Rules page. 
    Screenshot 1946-03-23 at 1.23.48 PM
  3. The 'Approval Rules' page is divided into two sections:

    1. Default Approval Rules

    2. Advanced Approval Rules
    Screenshot 1946-03-23 at 1.23.48 PM-1

  4. The default rules are automatically applied to all invoices except for those that meet the criteria of an advanced approval rule. To edit the Default Approval Rules, click on the ellipsis menu and select 'Edit Rules’.
    Step 4 Edit Approval Rules
  5. An 'Add Approvers' section is displayed on the right side.

    Checkmark the checkbox next to the desired approvers, then click the blue 'Add Approvers' button. In the 'Has to be approved by' column, select the conditions from the drop-down list.

    Finally, click the 'Done' button to save all the settings.

    Step 5 Add Approvers

  6. To set up ‘Advanced Approval Rules’, simply click on the 'Add Special Rule' link.
    Step 6 Add Special Rule
  7. This feature allows you to edit the 'Conditions', 'Selected Approvers', and 'Has to be approved by' columns. You can set the 'Selected Approvers', and 'Has to be approved by' columns in the same way as shown in step 5 above.

    Click 'Add Condition' to add a new condition.

    Step 7 Add Conditions

  8. Choose 'Vendor' to specify the name of a specific vendor for which an approval rule needs to be defined. In the 'Add Condition: Vendor', select the vendors and click the 'Add Vendors' button.
    Step 8 Add Vendor

  9. Alternatively, select 'Transaction Amount' to establish a condition based on the transaction amount of the invoice.

    Specify the 'Transaction Amount' and click the 'Add Condition' button.

    Step 9 Add Transaction AMount
  10. Click 'Done' to save your changes.
    Step 10 Click Done